About Me

Piet Wijma

(Picture was taken during our holidays, lac d'Annecy France)

Hello, My name is Piet Wijma.
I am a hobby photographer, from the Netherlands. I have no training or studies followed.

How I think about photography.

On my website, are not all photos sharp or perfect.
A picture does not always need to be sharp for me, to be beautiful.
The content is often more important to me than the quality of the picture.
For example, if I have two pictures. one picture that is sharp but the emotion of the model is not in the picture.
Then I choose the picture that is less sharp, but where the emotion is better in the photo. Of course a sharp picture is better.

The great thing about photography is that each photographer has their own preference and taste, why there are so many styles in photography.

There are always a lot of discussion about what is beautiful or not beautiful. If we dont forget the most important about photography, and that is enjoying a photo!!

I edit the photos as little as possible. The pictures are, as they are.

I love photography because I can use my fantasy, and can use my creativity for a photoshoot. I prefer to use things for a shoot that other people throw away or no longer use, to make something for a decorsetting.

My passion is model photography, nature photography is also very nice.
I really love art, artistic photos, stories and surreal photography.
I want to practice more in this style of photography. And search for models that also share that passion

It's always a challenge to create something new, because there are so many styling that have already been made.
It is also nice to meet other people during a shoot. And have lots of fun during a shoot. And together create something beautiful is a challenge. But fun is the most important. Looking for a nice locations is sometimes an entire discovery.
I can tell a lot more about photography, but it is a very long story than, lol.

I hope you can enjoy our work.
Sorry for my bad English.

Greetings, Piet Wijma

My studio

This is my studio.
I change every time the studio for a shoot. Sometimes there are all straw bales and all hay on the floor. Or I make another decor for a shoot we want to make.
The studio is not big, but I'm glad to have a studio.
And photo studio is very convenient, but outside shooting is also super fun to do.

I have 3 studio flash units and 1 additional Flash.
And I also like it to make use of a smoke machine.

My camera, Nikon D300s Lens Tamron SP AF 28-75mm.

My camera is not always sharp, and the lens is also not perfect anymore.
But a good photographer must be able to make better pictures with bad camera, then a bad photographer with a good camera. If I am, a good photographer you must judge for yourself :)